Healing Parish

Situated in the village of Healing is the Church of St Peter and St Paul.

Healing has a population of approximately 2600 and is adjacent to the Humber Bank, about 4 miles west of Grimsby. It is a thriving community, in which the Church plays its part.

To reach the Church, travelling from Grimsby to Immingham on the A1136 on Stallingborough Road, turn left into a lane about 200 yards beyond the secondary school on the bend. Follow the lane to the right; the left fork would take you to the Healing Manor, now a local hotel/restaurant.

The Church itself is of thirteenth century origin and dedicated to St Peter and St Paul.

Unfortunately, it has lost most of its medieval fabric and was partly rebuilt in 1840 and later restored in 1876. Nonetheless, it remains a beautiful building in a very attractive setting. Regular services take place in the Church and everyone who comes is assured of a very warm and friendly welcome.


St Peter

Peter, also known as Simon Peter, was born in Galilee and was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ. Originally a fisherman, he played a major and leading role in spreading the gospel and was with Jesus during events witnessed by only a few of the other apostles. After God gave Peter a vision in Joppa, Peter baptized the Roman centurion Cornelius and his household, and then understood that the gospel was for all people and not just the Jews. According to Christian tradition, he was crucified in Rome and his remains are in St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City. On June 29th each year, a life-size statue of St Peter is crowned in St Peter’s Basilica with a papal tiara, ring of the Fisherman and papal vestments as part of the Festival of Saints Peter and Paul.

St Paul

Paul was born in Tarsus, the capital city of the Roman province of Cilicia, now modern day Turkey. His famous and dramatic conversion, while he was on the road to Damascus, changed him from one of the most ardent persecutors of the followers of Jesus to one of their most fervent supporters. This event is celebrated as the Feast of the Conversion of St Paul on the 25th January each year. Spreading the word of Jesus, he travelled thousands of miles to Syria, through Turkey and Greece and finally back to Jerusalem. He was instrumental in turning Christianity from a small sect into a worldwide faith which was open to all. Paul wrote some of the most beautiful and important passages in the whole of the Bible and can be regarded as the first great Christian theologian.

There is detailed information about the architectural features of the Church at the British Listed Buildings web site.

Attached to the Church is the New Outlook, an extension erected in 1976 and used for a number of social activities. These include fund-raising events, clubs and meetings, all invariably well supported. The archives of the local Healing Society are currently held at the Healing Methodist Church.

Also visit Healing Parish Council for information about Healing and its amenities etc.

The Church of St Peter and St Paul, Healing

The Church of St Peter and St Paul, Healing