Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals and Memorials

We welcome enquiries for baptism of infants and adults In the all cases, please make the initial contact with Rev. Mark Hutson on 07745 369 630 or the Woldsgateway Administrator (Jay) on 07510 710 751.

We normally conduct baptism of infants on Sundays, either during the main service of worship or at a special service in the afternoon. The date is by arrangement between the priest and the parents.

Baptism is a sacrament: an outward and visible sign of God’s love for us. In baptism we thank God for the gift of life and publicly acknowledge his love. It marks a new start in life, the decision to follow Christ within the family of the Church.

Application – To download a copy of the application form click here: PDF Version or Microsoft Word Version

Preparation – Parents and godparents are required to make solemn promises during the service of baptism, and we therefore ask you to attend a preparation session so that everyone has the chance to understand and consider the promises in advance.

Godparents – Godparents can be family members or friends. Choose people you trust to take an interest in your child’s spiritual welfare and pray for you and the child. Godparents must themselves be baptised. It is customary to choose two godparents of the same gender as the child, and one of the other sex, but you can have more than three if you wish.

Hymns – If you choose to have the baptism as part of the main Sunday worship, you will be invited to choose one or two of the hymns to be sung. There are hymns in the afternoon services. Certificates – A Baptism certificate will be presented for the child, and cards for each godparent. (Note: not available at this time).

Candles – A candle is presented to the child as a reminder that Christ is the light of the world. He shines in the lives of those who have been baptised, and we are all called to shine for him in the world.

Guests – Let us know how many you expect, so that we can set up appropriately.

Toilets – Toilets are available in the churches at Healing, Keelby, Laceby and Riby

Photographs – Photographs during the service itself can be quite distracting for the child. We encourage photographs around the font at the end of the service.

Fees – There is no fee for baptism